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Beyond the Objects: Landscape, Spatiality and Romano-British Metalwork Hoarding

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posted on 2019-02-08, 14:32 authored by Rachael SycamoreRachael Sycamore
This record contains the GIS files and Excel Spreadsheet produced by the AHRC funded PhD into Romano-British metalwork hoarding entitled 'Beyond the Objects: Landscape, Spatiality and Romano-British Metalwork Hoarding'. The project specifically explored the spatial distribution of hoard deposits; and theorised the interaction of landscape, artefacts and human actions through the framework of Assemblage Theory. This PhD was part of the the wider 'Crisis or Continuity: Hoarding in Iron Age and Roman Britain with special reference to the 3rd Century AD' and was designed to complement this project's focus on coin hoards.

Data Details
This record contains a .zip folder within which there is an Excel Spreadsheet and geodatabase containing the project data. There is an associated metadata document describing the structure of the data and process of data collection, which users are advised to read prior to utilising the dataset in their own research.

Within the dataset there is a GIS geodatabase, the structure of which is described in the metadata document. It was produced in ArcGIS 10.3 but is compatible with other GIS software.


Roman Metalwork Hoards

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