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posted on 2021-10-01, 13:49 authored by Ian EperonIan Eperon

This dataset comprises TIF files representing acquisitions in one single molecule experiment. There are two types of file. Each TIF file contains a stack of images representing a time series at a single field of view. An accompanying text file indicates the laser in use at each frame. For example, in the first file, the exposure time for each frame was 100 msec. Illumination was by laser 2 (640 nm, Cy5) from time frames 1 to 48, laser 3 (561 nm, mCherry) from frames 50-198 and laser 1 (488 nm, mEGFP) from frames 199 to 348. Deviation (Dev) represents the deviation of the exiting laser as a result of autofocussing from the point at which all four quarters of a quartered photodiode were irradiated with equal intensity. The experiment was done by Andrew Jobbins.




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