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Images Of Research 2018

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posted on 2019-07-24, 08:35 authored by Kelly McCormackKelly McCormack, Martha Papadopoulou, Mandi Jamalian Hamedani, Olga Yegorova, Kate Gooch, Georgina Barkham-Perry, Abbey Ellis, Emily Castells, Andrew Blain, Aude Cumont, Ben Parsons, Thomas Newman, Diyana Kasimon, Jan Vandeburie, Philip Evans, John GoodwinJohn Goodwin, Yogini Chudasama, Eleni Ganiti, Emily Richardson, Seth O'Neill, Padraig Donnelly, Colin Hyde, Georgina Lockton, Jan Oliver Ringert, José Miguel Rojas, Amy Van Allen, Eva Krockow, Yewande OkuleyeYewande Okuleye, Rod MooreRod Moore

Images Of Research 2018 Winners:

Martha Papadopoulou – ‘One picture – two worlds’ - Judges' Prize Winner

Mandi Jamalian Hamedani – ‘In search for inner peace’ - Katherine May People's Choice Winner

Olga Yegorova – ‘ “Ni Una Menos, ni una muerta más!” fighting for the lives of Bolivian women’ - Judges' Prize Runner-up

Kate Gooch and Georgine Barkham-Perry – ‘Finding Hope in a Hopeless Place’ - People's Choice Runner-up

Images Of Research 2018 successful submissions:

Abbey Ellis – ‘Something’s Missing’

Emily Castells – ‘Fast-Paced Study in Respiratory Research’

Andrew Blain – ‘Inside the Dish’

Aude Cumont – ‘Army of Mushrooms, by Disinfection Mushrooms’

Ben Parsons – ‘Holey Prayers’

Thomas Newman – ‘Big Sky, Big Future’

Diyana Kasimon – ‘Unity in Diversity’

Jan Vandeburie – ‘Reading Between the Lines’

Philip Evans – ‘Andromeda’s revenge’

John Goodwin – ‘Return to Winston Parva: Sex and Violence at the ‘Regal’’

Yogini Chudasama – ‘Secrets to Living Longer’

Eleni Ganiti – ‘Contemporary Art?’

Emily Richardson – ‘Cellular Fireworks’

Seth O'Neill – ‘Achille's Heat’

Padraig Donnelly – ‘Peering into Jupiter's Atmosphere from Earth’

Colin Hyde – ‘In the midst of life we are in death’

Georgina Lockton – ‘Researching Vehicle Automation in 1960s Britain’

Jan Oliver Ringert and José Miguel Rojas – ‘DriverLeics’

Amy Van Allen – ‘Life in the Andes’

Eva Krockow – ‘Line Up and Take Note’

Yewande Okuleye – ‘Hemp Seeds in Safe Hands’

Rod Moore - 'Vaping'


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