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Investigating transposed-character preview benefits in Chinese reading

posted on 2023-10-25, 11:20 authored by Yancui ZhangYancui Zhang, Min Chang, Mengsi Wang, Kevin PatersonKevin Paterson, Jiingxin Wang

These data relate to two experiments that examined effects of tranposed character previews on target word processing in Chinese reading. Both experiments used the boundary paradigm and two-character target words. In Experiment 2, the frequency of this word was manipulated so that targets were either high or low in frequency. Both experiments used valid previews that were identical to the  target words, and invalid previews that were either transposed-character previews created by reversing the order of characters in the target word or unrelated previews. Two types of unrelated preview were used: visually-similar previews were created by replacing the two characters in target word with visually-similar characters. Visually-dissimilar unrelated previews were created by replacing these characters with visually dissimilar characters. Data files are included for both experiments (exp1 and exp2) alongwith associated R scripts for analyses.