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Commuter pollutant concentrations by route min averaged

Reason: The file contains latitude and longitude information of the experiment conducted and initials of the person conducting the experiment. This information can be used to identify a person.

Measured NO2 O3 and PM2.5 concentrations during morning commutes min averaged- geolocation data included

posted on 2022-07-24, 15:06 authored by Rikesh PanchalRikesh Panchal

Using EathSense Zephyrs, the concentrations of NO2, O3 and PM2.5 was measured on morning commutes accros 4 routes in Leicester. The data file Commuter pollutant concentrations by route min averaged.csv shows meadured concentrations of these pollutants along the commutes for people either walking, driving or cycling, averaged to 1- minute time resolution (Commuter pollutant concentrations by route min averaged.csv).