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Online Sexual Harassment Comprehensive Guidance for Schools.pdf (2.75 MB)

Online Sexual Harassment Comprehensive Guidance for Schools

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posted on 2020-07-09, 14:42 authored by Sexplain UK, Kaitlynn MendesKaitlynn Mendes, Jessica RingroseJessica Ringrose, Tanya Horeck
This document offers comprehensive guidance for schools on how to deal with the issue of online sexual harassment, which refers to a range of behaviours where digital technologies are used to facilitate both virtual and face-to-face sexually based harms.

This document lays out the complete context of online sexual harassment, including who is likely to be a target, how the abuse might be manifested, and the impact of this type of harassment.

The document provides an overview of laws relating to online sexual harassment, and demonstrates why a whole-school joined up approach is necessary, along with a change to consent-oriented education to replace the abstinence-based approaches which don't work.

It concludes with key recommendations, including the need for dedicated RSE and PSHE lessons to address this issue, zero-tolerance stances on (online) sexual harassment.

The document provides specific recommendations for staff who encounter these issues with pupils, and recommendations for pupils who experience these practices, including how to report.


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