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Combined petrographic and chemical analysis of water containers and glazed wares in the Early Islamic Vega of Granada (southeast Spain, 6th to 12th centuries CE)

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posted on 2019-02-08, 11:29 authored by JC Carvajal López, A Hein, MD Glascock, PM Day
In this paper petrographic and NAA analyses of two categories of ceramic wares of the early medieval Vega of Granada (southeast Spain) are presented. The vessels analysed include Water Containers and Glazed Wares and were manufactured between the sixth and the twelfth centuries CE. This is the period of the Islamization of Iberia and the emergence of al-Andalus. The studies in this paper offer an opportunity to understand technological, social and economic changes that were part of the pattern of Islamization. The results of this work show that there is a differential pattern of distribution for the samples studied in the eastern and western areas of the Vega and that there is a chronological change in technological variability of the production of the wares under investigation. An earlier period in which this variability is high gave way to a period where the variability is much less and potentially more standardised technological procedures were followed.


This paper was made possible by the generous funding provided by the project ARANPOT, a Marie Curie Action within the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (Programme PEOPLE - Call ID FP7-PEOPLE-IEF-2008 – Panel SOC - Proposal No. 236314 - Acronym: ARANPOT), developed in the University of Sheffield (UK). The chemical analyses conducted at MURR were supported in part by a grant from the US National Science Foundation (#1415403) and were interpreted in the NCSR Demokritos (Athens, Greece).



Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports Volume 21, October 2018, Pages 1130-1140

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Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports Volume 21





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