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GMRE-iUnet: Isomorphic Unet Fusion Model for PET and CT Lung Tumor Images

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posted on 2023-10-06, 10:09 authored by T Zhou, X Zhang, H Lu, Q Li, L Liu, Huiyu Zhou

Lung tumor PET and CT image fusion is a key technology in clinical diagnosis. However, the existing fusion methods are difficult to obtain fused images with high contrast, prominent morphological features, and accurate spatial localization. In this paper, an isomorphic Unet fusion model (GMRE-iUnet) for lung tumor PET and CT images is proposed to address the above problems. The main idea of this network is as following: Firstly, this paper constructs an isomorphic Unet fusion network, which contains two independent multiscale dual encoders Unet, it can capture the features of the lesion region, spatial localization, and enrich the morphological information. Secondly, a Hybrid CNN-Transformer feature extraction module (HCTrans) is constructed to effectively integrate local lesion features and global contextual information. In addition, the residual axial attention feature compensation module (RAAFC) is embedded into the Unet to capture fine-grained information as compensation features, which makes the model focus on local connections in neighboring pixels. Thirdly, a hybrid attentional feature fusion module (HAFF) is designed for multiscale feature information fusion, it aggregates edge information and detail representations using local entropy and Gaussian filtering. Finally, the experiment results on the multimodal lung tumor medical image dataset show that the model in this paper can achieve excellent fusion performance compared with other eight fusion models. In CT mediastinal window images and PET images comparison experiment, AG, EI, QAB/F, SF, SD, and IE indexes are improved by 16.19%, 26%, 3.81%, 1.65%, 3.91% and 8.01%, respectively. GMRE-iUnet can highlight the information and morphological features of the lesion areas and provide practical help for the aided diagnosis of lung tumors. 


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School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, University of Leicester


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