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Hubble Space Telescope imaging and spectroscopy of the sirius-like triple star system HD 217411

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posted on 2016-04-14, 11:33 authored by J. B. Holberg, Sarah L. Casewell, H. E. Bond, M. R. Burleigh, M. A. Barstow
We present Hubble Space Telescope imaging and spectroscopy of HD 217411, a G3 V star associated with the extreme ultraviolet (UV) excess source (EUV 2RE J2300­­–07.0). This star is revealed to be a triple system with a G 3V primary (HD 217411 A) separated by ∼1.1 arcsec from a secondary that is in turn composed of an unresolved K0 V star (HD 217411 Ba) and a hot DA white dwarf (HD 217411 Bb). The hot white dwarf dominates the UV flux of the system. However, it is in turn dominated by the K0 V component beyond 3000 Å. A revised distance of 143 pc is estimated for the system. A low level photometric modulation having a period of 0.61 d has also been observed in this system along with a rotational velocity of the order of 60 km s−1 in the K0 V star. Together both observations point to a possible wind induced spin-up of the K0 V star during the AGB phase of the white dwarf. The nature of all three components is discussed as are constraints on the orbits, system age and evolution.



Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society, 2014, 444 (3), pp. 2022-2030 (9)

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