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Mental health, pain, and tiredness in adults born very preterm or with very low birthweight

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posted on 2023-10-06, 08:31 authored by Ingrid Marie Husby Hollund, Kristina Anna Djupvik Aakvik, Silje Dahl Benum, Sigrid Hegna Ingvaldsen, Stian Lydersen, Marjaana Tikanmäki, Petteri Hovi, Katri Räikkönen, Eero Kajante, Samantha Johnson, Neil Marlow, Nicole Baumann, Dieter Wolke, Marit S Indredavik, Kari Anne I Evensen

AimAdults born preterm have increased risk of mental health problems and other neurodevelopmental conditions. We aimed to investigate associations of mental health with pain and tiredness in adults born very preterm (VP; <32 weeks) or very low birthweight (VLBW; <1500 g) and at term, and whether these associations are influenced by physical activity.MethodsAs part of an EU Horizon 2020 project, individual participant data from six prospective cohort studies were harmonised for 617 VP/VLBW and 1122 term-born participants. Mental health was assessed by the Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment Adult Self-Report. Pain and tiredness were harmonised based on specific items from self-reported questionnaires. Associations between mental health and pain or tiredness were explored by linear regression.ResultsAn increase in the mental health scales internalising, externalising and total problems was associated with increased pain and tiredness in the preterm and term group alike. Results were maintained when adjusting for physical activity.ConclusionThe findings indicate that associations between mental health, pain and tiredness in adults are independent of gestation or birthweight. Future research should explore other potential mechanisms that may underlie the increased risk of mental health problems in the preterm population.


Academy of Finland

Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, nukleare Sicherheit und Verbraucherschutz. Grant Numbers: JUG14, 01EP9504, 01ER080


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Joint Research committee of St.Olavs Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine and health sciences, NTNU

Novo Nordisk Fonden

Signe ja Ane Gyllenbergin Säätiö

Sigrid Juséliuksen Säätiö

St.Olavs Hospital Research and Innovation


Born Very Preterm: A Natural Experiment of How Early Adversity and Social Environment affect Life Course Development (Preterm-Lifecourse)

UK Research and Innovation

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