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Recovering the fragments of the Roman Colony of Libarna: Libarna Archaeological Project (LAP) Field Report, Season 1

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posted on 2018-03-07, 16:04 authored by Katherine V. Huntley, Hannah Friedman, Penelope Allison
The Libarna Archaeological Project (LAP) aims to develop greater understandings of the social and cultural development of the fringe area between peninsular Roman Italy and its provinces through investigations of one of the key cities in Piemonte – the ancient city of Libarna. This region is relatively understudied compared with other parts of Italy and is often left out of traditional historical and archaeological narratives of central Mediterranean Europe during the proto-historic and Roman periods. Greater understanding of this strategically important northern Italian site, settled during the Iron Age, Roman, and early Medieval periods (6th cent. BCE - 5th cent. CE), will advance knowledge of this region and of the wider ancient Mediterranean world more generally.



The Journal of Fasti Online: Libarna Archaeological Project (LAP) Field Report, 2018, Season 1 . FOLD&R Italy: 415.

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The Journal of Fasti Online: Libarna Archaeological Project (LAP) Field Report

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