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Soft X-ray Focusing Telescope Aboard AstroSat: Design, Characteristics and Performance

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posted on 2017-11-21, 14:38 authored by K. P. Singh, G. C. Stewart, N. J. Westergaard, S. Bhattacharayya, S. Chandra, V. R. Chitnis, G. C. Dewangan, A. T. Kothare, I. M. Mirza, K. Mukerjee, V. Navalkar, H. Shah, A. F. Abbey, A. P. Beardmore, S. Kotak, N. Kamble, S. Vishwakarama, D. P. Pathare, V. M. Risbud, J. P. Koyande, T. Stevenson, C. Bicknell, T. Crawford, G. Hansford, G. Peters, J. Sykes, P. Agarwal, M. Sebastian, A. Rajarajan, G. Nagesh, S. Narendra, M. Ramesh, R. Rai, K. H. Navalgund, K. S. Sarma, R. Pandiyan, K. Subbarao, T. Gupta, N. Thakkar, A. K. Singh, A. Bajpai
The Soft X-ray focusing Telescope (SXT), India’s first X-ray telescope based on the principle of grazing incidence, was launched aboard the AstroSat and made operational on October 26, 2015. X-rays in the energy band of 0.3–8.0 keV are focussed on to a cooled charge coupled device thus providing medium resolution X-ray spectroscopy of cosmic X-ray sources of various types. It is the most sensitive X-ray instrument aboard the AstroSat. In its first year of operation, SXT has been used to observe objects ranging from active stars, compact binaries, supernova remnants, active galactic nuclei and clusters of galaxies in order to study its performance and quantify its characteriztics. Here, we present an overview of its design, mechanical hardware, electronics, data modes, observational constraints, pipeline processing and its in-orbit performance based on preliminary results from its characterization during the performance verification phase.



Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, 2017, 38: 29

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