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The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey: II - First results from the AXIS high galactic latitude medium sensitivity survey

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posted on 2009-12-08, 16:25 authored by X. Barcons, F. J. Carrera, Michael G. Watson, R. G. McMahon, B. Aschenbach, M. J. Freyberg, Kim L. Page, M. J. Page, T.P. Roberts, Martin J. L. Turner, D. Barret, H. Brunner, M. T. Ceballos, R. Della Ceca, P. Guillout, G. Hasinger, T. Maccacaro, S. Mateos, C. Motch, I. Negueruela, Julian P. Osborne, I. Perez-Fournon, A. Schwope, P. Severgnini, G. P. Szokoly, N. A. Webb, P. J. Wheatley, D. M. Worral
We present the first results on the identifications of a medium sensitivity survey (X-ray flux limit 2 10 −14 erg cm −2 s −1 in the 0.5_4.5 keV band) at high galactic latitude (|b|> 20 °) carried out with the XMM-Newton X-ray observatory within the AXIS observing programme. This study is being conducted as part of the XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre activities towards the identification of the sources in the X-ray serendipitous sky survey. The sample contains 29 X-ray sources in a solid angle of 0.26deg2 (source density 113±21 sources deg-2 ), out of which 27 (93%) have been identified. The majority of the sources are broad-line AGN (19), followed by narrow emission line X-ray emitting galaxies (6, all of which turn out to be AGN), 1 nearby non-emission line galaxy ( NGC 4291 ) and 1 active coronal star. Among the identified sources we find 2 broad-absorption line QSOs ( z ~ 1.8 and z ~ 1.9), which constitute ~10% of the AGN population at this flux level, similar to optically selected samples. Identifications of a further 10 X-ray sources fainter than our survey limit are also presented.



Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2002, 382 (2), pp.522-536


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