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posted on 2022-04-26, 10:19 authored by William FarrellWilliam Farrell

This volume of the Review touches on such topics as the digital evolution of testamentary dispositions during the global pandemic, the need for reform inthe current version of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, and the challenges of diversifying the Canadian Judicial Appointments system. Our award-winning essays include winners from the Victoria Fisher Memorial Prizes, the ELSA x Tech Law Essay Competition, and the Juliet Humphries and Michael Humphries QC Award.

Table of Contents

1. To Dispense or Not to Dispense, That is the Question… 

Meera Amari Chauhan

Page 1-7

2. Deprivation of Citizenship: Discrimination Against Dual Citizens following the Begum Ruling

Abdul Rahman Tarwala

Page 8-12

3. Rape, Reform, and the Sexual Offences Act 2003 

Lorne Richardson

Page 13-19

4. An Appraisal of Social Justice and Social Inequality Dilemmas Exacerbated by the English Criminal Justice System 

Nea Tank

Page 20-25

5. Canada’s Commitment to a Clean Environment: How Climate Change Affects All

Aarti Panchal

Page 26-30

6. Illusionary Protections: The Ostensible Victory of the Sparrow case

Corrigan Goodwin and Stephanie Statia

Page 31-35

7. Is Canada’s Judicial Appointment System Lacking Transparency and Diversity? Judicial Appointments: A Partisan Reward 

Stephanie Statia

Page 36-38

8. The Effective Enforcement of EU Law through the Preliminary Ruling Procedure – Article 267 TFEU

Ana Sofia Banús

Page 39-42

Competition-Winning Essays

1. Family Matters – Women, Queerness, and the (Nuclear) Family Law

Anonymous, Winner of the Victoria Fisher Memorial Prize (2021)

Page 43-48

2. ‘Feeble Minded’ Women with ‘Prostitute Minds’ – The Case for Decriminalising Abortion and Female Self-Rule

Frances Hand, Winner of the Victoria Fisher Memorial Prize (2021)

Page 49-59

3. The Common Sense of Law

Marta Baluczynska, Winner of the Juliet Humphries and Michael Humphries QC Award (2022)

Page 60-62

4. Mitigating Algorithmic Manipulation

Corrigan Goodwin, Winner of the TechLaw Society x ELSA x LSLR Essay Competition, Sponsored by Eversheds Sutherland (2022)

Page 62-66



University of Leicester Student Law Review, 11, 2 (April 2022).

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Meera Amari Chauhan, Abdul Rahman Tarwala, Lorne Richardson, Nea Tank, Aarti Panchal, Corrigan Goodwin, Stephanie Statia, Ana Sofia Banús, Anonymous, Frances Hand, Marta Baluczynska


Camilia Amouzegar; Aarti Panchal