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Episode 2: COURAGE

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posted on 2020-12-23, 15:10 authored by Sophie FrostSophie Frost

'Courage' is the keyword of the second episode of People. Change. Museums.

This year, many of us have needed to be more courageous than before in our use of digital applications and tools, both to stay connected personally and to continue to work professionally. Similarly, previous fears and trepidations about technology have had to be overcome in our museums and cultural institutions. In these spaces, 'digital' can no longer be siloed or avoided, but rather recognised as pivotal to the operations, activities and collections of these organisations if they want to stay relevant and responsive.

In this episode, we hear how museum people across the globe have been practicing digital courage where they are. Sophie interviews Dr Steven Franklin, Digital Engagement Officer, Egham Museum (UK), Angie Judge, Chief Executive of Dexibit - a big data and analytics company working with museums and cultural institutions (NZ), and Seema Rao, Deputy Director and Chief Engagement Officer of Akron Art Museum in Ohio (US) about what they believe it takes to promote and inspire change. We'll also hear again from Sara Snyder, Chief of External Affairs and Digital Strategies, Smithsonian American Art Museum (US), about where the 'bright spots' are for digital technology in museums.


2 by 2: Structuring Museums to Deliver New Digital Experiences

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