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Lesson 1 Slides Digital Ethics of Care

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posted on 2022-12-14, 14:04 authored by Diane LevineDiane Levine, Michelle O'Reilly

The Digital Ethics of Care project was funded by the Economic and Social Research Councils Network+ 'eNurture'. The goal of the project was to understand how pre-adolescent children understood the concept of a digital 'ethics of care' in their interactions with others online. Data gathering took place in 2021 and comprised a paired interview approach with children-as-researchers. As a result of the analysis and consultations with teachers, artist Tom Cleaver created a game for use in schools.

This presentation contains slides for a lesson aimed at 7-10 year olds focusing on the following learning intentions:

 - To understand the vocabulary related to cyberbullying and antisocial online behaviour.

 - To develop an understanding of actions that could be considered cyberbullying.

The presentation is accompanied by a lesson plan and resource. 


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