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An interactive sizing system for reinforced concrete buildings.

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posted on 2015-11-19, 08:59 authored by Andrew. Main
Computer programs for structural design are few and, largely, unpopular compared with those for structural analysis. In the interaction between user and program, there is a balance between the results produced and the time involved in using the program. The failure to provide a good balance (or worthwhile interaction) is a significant defect of most design programs. Further, non-graphical output predominates, but is often unsuited to convey results. Finally, earlier design decisions generally affect the final structure more than later decisions, but design programs do not differentiate between these stages. A system has been implemented which avoids these pitfalls. It allows the jer to find the initial sizes of members (beams, columns, slabs) in a reinforced concrete building. The detailed design of the computer system is discussed. The structural design methods are based on the lower bound theorem. Design algorithms which test the adequacy of members are shown with their theory. Examples of the use of the system are presented. The sizing of a set of slabs, supporting beams and columns is shown. The sizes given by the system are more quickly found and less likely to be in error than those of hand-based methods, and costs appear to be less.


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