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Children Learning Through Play: Perspectives and Practices of Early Childhood Educators in Singapore Preschools Serving Children Aged Four to Six Years

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posted on 2012-02-24, 11:36 authored by Fong Peng Chen
This research study seeks to explore preschool teachers’ perspectives about using play as a means to promote children’s learning in preschool settings serving children aged four to six years. This qualitative research study is guided by four research questions, (1) how do teachers in selected preschools in Singapore define play as a means to learning? (2)What do preschool teachers see as the benefits of play as a means to learning? (3) How do preschool teachers see their roles in promoting learning through play? (4)What do preschool teachers see as obstacles to using play as a means to promote learning? A case study approach, together with an interpretive paradigm is adopted. Eighteen early childhood teachers participated in this research study. Findings of this research study revealed that teachers (a) defined play differently, (b) believed that play was important for children’s learning and development across key domains (c) performed multi-faceted roles, and (d) encountered obstacles using play as a curricular tool. Based on the findings of this study, implications for the early childhood practices are deliberated and recommendations for future research are also suggested.



Ainley, Janet; Dimmock, Clive

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