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Exploring domestic violence towards women working in prostitution

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posted on 2014-12-15, 10:46 authored by Kate Doherty
The aim of this thesis was to explore domestic violence towards women working in prostitution, an area which has been lacking in research, despite a small number of studies suggesting it may be a common feature of sex workers' lives. A review article firstly examines literature on domestic violence in the general population, specifically outlining theoretical models, and research into risk factors and treatment interventions. The second part of the review article examines research on sex workers' experiences of childhood abuse and later violence, both whilst working and in their personal relationships.;The research report outlines a qualitative study which aimed to explore sex workers' experiences of domestic violence. Interviews were carried out with seven women with experiences of domestic violence and prostitution, then analysed using grounded theory. This produced a model which describes a number of factors which are hypothesised to sustain or resist domestic violence within these women's lives. The analysis highlighted both the impact of prostitution on domestic violence and the experiences which sex workers have in common with the general population of women experiencing this form of abuse. Clinical implications of the research are examined. Finally a critical appraisal examines describes the researcher's reflections on the overall research process.


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