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Management Development and Training in Hong Kong. A Case Study of a Multinational Corporation: A Grounded Theory Approach

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posted on 2012-03-21, 15:55 authored by Wiktor Jan Tutlewski
This study generates a tentative theory of how management development trainers (MDTs) manage their own learning and apply that learning in practice in a multinational corporation in Hong Kong. The thesis adopts a symbolic interactionist approach and uses a grounded theory methodology in the investigative process. The main source of data originates from a series of successive in-depth face to face interviews with a key group of 10 MDTs working for the multinational corporation. The data was supplemented by further data taken from trainee evaluation forms and a journal kept by the researcher. The first major outcome of this study is the generation of the theory of Transferring Relevance in management learning and its application. This theory describes how MDTs learn and apply that learning through socio-psychological processes. The core category discovered was labeled as the process of Adapting, and was supported by four other categories termed Analysing, Acquiring, Delivering, and Evaluating. A second major outcome was the development of a typology of MDTs with regards to how they acquire and deliver learning experiences to their target trainees. The typology reflects the MDTs preferred approaches in the analysing, acquiring, adapting, delivering and evaluating processes in the theory of Transferring Relevance. Consequently, the MDTs can be broadly classified into three types of learner-deliverer: Academic-Educators, Conceptualiser-Facilitators, and Practitioner-Guides. As this is the first study of its kind in this organisation, and no similar study has been conducted previously in Hong Kong, this research adds to the extant knowledge in the substantive area of management development in Hong Kong. It provides a new perspective on the way in which MDTs manage their role and has further implications for business organisations, practising MDTs in other organisations, and teaching/training professionals in both business and academic institutions; thereby further developing theory, research, and practice.



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