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Microbubble distribution and incorporation in an ex-vivo perfused porcine

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posted on 2018-12-20, 11:50 authored by Ahmed Alzaraa
This thesis describes the behaviour and distribution of microbubbles using ultrasound and the relevant histological changes that occur upon the application of microwave energy in an exvivo perfused porcine liver model. The research was conducted in the laboratories of the Department of Molecular Medicine and Transplant Biology at Leicester General Hospital. The department has a long-standing interest in bio-artificial liver and basic investigation of tissue ablation techniques. To do this, the department runs an ex-vivo porcine liver model and has considerable experience in this field. This model is perfused with autologous blood. It accurately simulates the in-vivo situation, but removes some of the extraneous and confounding components associated with normal physiological and metabolic responses. This allows for extremely careful and reproducible adjustments of inflow and outflow parameters and is ideal for basic investigation of blood flow, and anything affected by this including substances infused into the liver.



Lloyd, David; West, Kevin; Morgan, Bruno

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Department of Cancer Studies & Molecular Medicine

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University of Leicester

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  • Doctoral

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  • MD



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