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Solubility of silver chloride and related studies.

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posted on 2015-11-19, 08:44 authored by Salag. Dhabanandana
The work described in this thesis is mainly concerned with measurements of the solubility of silver chloride in heavy water and in formamide, at various chloride concentrations and temperatures, A radiochemical technique has been developed, whereby silver chloride is measured for its gamma-activity. The heat of precipitation of silver chloride in formamide has also been measured at 15 and 25 C. The solubility data have been analysed to yield solubility products and equilibrium constants for the formation of complexes. The heats of solution of silver chloride in heavy water and in formamide have been calculated from the temperature dependence of the solubility products. The value in heavy water is in close agreement with a published calorimetric figure The value in formamide is in satisfactory agreement with the present measured heat of precipitation. All of the heats of solution are endothermic; but are less endothermic in formamide than in water Other relevant thermodynamic quantities have also been calculated for comparison with the corresponding values in water. The results suggest that the amount of undissociated silver chloride is smaller in heavy water, but greater in formamide, than in water. Preliminary emf measurements in hydrochloric acid solution in formamide, using hydrogen, cadmium) cadmiura chloride and silver-silver chloride eloctrodoo ore presented. The standard potential of the silver-silver chloride electrode at 25°C is in fair agreement with the available literature values.


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