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Some reactions of phosphorous heterocycles.

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posted on 2015-11-19, 08:48 authored by Christopher Martin. Brown
The preparation of phosphoranes and their uses in the synthesis of non-phosphorus containing molecules are reviewed. The photolysis and vacuum flash thermolysis (V.F.T.) of two new oxazaphospholans, 5,9-diphenyl-2,3-benzo-9-aza-1,4,6-trioxa -5-phosphaspiro-[4,4]-nonane and 9-methyl-5-phenyl-2,3-benzo-9-aza-l,4,6-trioxa-5-phosphaspiro-[4,4]-nonane are outlined. The V.F.T. and photolysis of some 1,3,2-dioxa-phospho1ans are also mentioned. A review of pheny1phosphinidene, pheny1phosphinothioylidene and pheny1phosphinylidene is given. 2,3-Diphenyl-1,3,2-oxazaphospholene is investigated as a possible precursor to pheny1phosphinylidene. The results of a number of attempted trapping reactions upon this species are discussed. The photolysis of 1,2-dihydronaphthalenes, chromenes, isochromenes, thiochromenes and related compounds is reviewed. Work showing that the photolysis of 1-substituted-dihydrophosphinoline oxides gives similar products is included. The syntheses of phosphorinans, phosphorindienes, phosphinolines and isophosphinolines are discussed. The products obtained from the photolysis of a number of new 1-substituted-(1,2)-dihydrophosphinoline oxides are identified. Attempts to trap out the intermediate species in these reactions with other trapping reagents although unsuccessful are discussed. A short review is given of monometaphosphate and similar species. Finally preparations of 1,2-oxaphosphol-3-ene 2-oxides are reviewed and the reactions of some of them outlined.


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