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The Psychodynamic Approach to Observing Organisations: Towards A Psychosocial Intervention

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posted on 2012-11-02, 12:59 authored by Emma Tilbury
A mixed methods literature review was conducted to investigate methods of obtaining process feedback during and after a psychosocial intervention and how this has been used to evaluate the intervention. Twenty four articles were retrieved that met the inclusion criteria. The data were synthesized and critiqued according to methodological features, with limitations evaluated. Results were presented according to how the feedback research has been used in relation to therapeutic outcome and clinical implications were considered. Recommendations were suggested, including investigating long term outcomes where single measures were utilised. The research study involved a series of six psychodynamic ward observations of an acute inpatient ward. The data were analysed within the supervision group discussions; thematic analysis was conducted on the transcripts (Braun & Clarke, 2006); with further analysis occurring during academic supervision. Five main themes were created to describe the ward culture from the observer’s experience, which captured the dynamic processes and relationships between staff and patients. A follow on study is planned which involves presenting the current findings to the staff group in an attempt to validate the observation method. A critical appraisal is included which describes the researcher’s reflections throughout the research process and the impact experiential learning made on her.



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