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The impact of information technology on special education in Hong Kong SAR

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posted on 2014-12-15, 10:43 authored by Kuen-fung Kenneth. Sin
The Salamanca Statement (UNESCO, 1994) asserts the importance of "Education for All" by urging policy makers to address the special needs of children. Making innovations in curriculum and pedagogy is the schools' major concern in the process of change. In Hong Kong SAR, there have been continual attempts to offer the equal learning opportunities to special needs students in the information technology new era since 1997. Such wide application of IT definitely brings about instructional innovations in classroom teaching. This thesis aims to examine the impact of information technology on special education at the school, teacher and student levels. With the use of questionnaire, classroom observations and interviews, the practice, difficulties and successful experiences of IT in special schools have been explored. The results support the usefulness of IT to special need children, particularly the application of assistive technology, but reveal lots of teachers' worries over the process of development. There are strong views that teachers should develop belief, competence and confidence to face the challenges and on-going changes in IT. There are also demands for formulating IT policy in special education. The paper concludes with the feasible SCOPA changes (strategic, curriculum, organizational, pedagogic and attitude changes) at school level, professional development model at teacher level and supporting strategies at student level. These findings have strong implications for teacher empowerment in future inclusive practices.


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