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The physiographic evolution of central Leicestershire during the Pleistocene Period.

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posted on 2015-11-19, 09:02 authored by R. J. (Roger John) Rice
The research I describe in this thesis was under taken in the years from 1959 to 1963 with the aim of elucidating the physiographic history of central Leicestershire during the Pleistocene period. I have directed relatively little attention to the phases of erosion, albeit of the Pleistocene age, which preceded the deposition of the earliest drift, for to have done so adequately would have involved study of a much wider area than is now encompassed. Instead attention has been concentrated on the events leading firstly to the accumulation of the drifts and secondly to their dissection. These are the two major themes of the thesis, but they are preceded by a brief introductory chapter outlining the present physique of the area, its solid geology, and the history of previous research. Such is the complexity of the glacial drifts that I can lay no claim to have made either an exhaustive or a definitive study; "the balance of probability" is liable to be an over-worked phrase. It is believed that much of the value of the thesis lies in bringing together descriptions of a large number of sections in the Pleistocene deposits. To this end Chapter two is largely descriptive, and as far as possible interpretation has here been eschewed. A further aspect of the thesis stemming from this is that the area considered in Chapters two, three and four is sharply circumscribed. The boundaries are artificial, and certain topics are discussed in two parts; considerable cross referencing is the result, and for inconvenience to the reader I apologize. The justification lies in the obvious risks arising from not differentiating clearly between areas known in vastly different detail.


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