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Vibrational spectra of some solids and the solid-gas interface.

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posted on 2015-11-19, 08:45 authored by Ian Richard. Gardner
Part One of this Thesis describes the vibrational spectra obtained from molecules adsorbed onto surfaces. The Raman spectra of pyridine adsorbed onto Cab-o-Sil, kieselgel and Vycor porous glass are shown and some conclusions about the nature of the surfaces made. The Raman spectra of molybdenum hexacarbonyl adsorbed onto Vycor and of a variety of molecules adsorbed onto nickel, nickel oxide, copper, and copper oxide supported on Vycor are reported. The infra-red spectra of nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and mixtures thereof adsorbed on to titania (anatase) are reported, as are the spectra of nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, and a mixture thereof adsorbed on to anatase containing molybdenum hexacarbonyl. The surface species formed are discussed. Part Two of this Thesis describes the vibrational spectroscopic study of several minerals as oriented single crystals. Criteria for choosing the minerals studied are discussed, and an outline of the Raman and i.r. reflection techniques given. Members of the apatite group of minerals, (fluorapatite, vanadinite and mimetite), were studied and a full vibrational analysis of fluorapatite given. The related minerals beryl, dioptase and benitoite were studied, and full vibrational analyses of beryl and benitoite are given. The phenomenon of L.O./T.O. splitting as exhibited by benitoite is discussed.


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