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‘Careering Off’ on the Road to Independent Young Adulthoods: Can Positive Educational Psychology Help?

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posted on 2020-04-03, 15:18 authored by Peter Farnbank
Part A: Literature Review
From Education to Adult Economic Wellbeing: A New Role for Educational Psychologists?
Young people entering work from full-time education face many challenges. A broad survey of literature across several disciplines identified the impact of the rapidly changing job-markets and employability in times of economic uncertainty, complicated further by public policy and legislation. The review discusses a possible new role for educational psychologists (EPs) applying positive psychology in this context.
Part B: Research Report
Achieving “Economic Well-Being” in a World of Rapid Change: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Continuing Career Journeys of Five Young Persons from First Career-Dreams
The lived-experiences and meaning-making of five mainstream young-persons (22-25) on their continuing career-journeys were explored – and their voices captured – using IPA. Findings identified systemic issues in education and public policy purporting to prepare young people adequately for the job-market. Positive new aspirations of the young people were also identified, and their links to contemporary career theories were posited.
Part C: Evaluation Study
“A Step Further”: An Evaluative Study of Campus-Specific Initiatives Offered by the University of Leicester’s Career Development Service
Hypotheses were proposed regarding the relationships between personality and job/career-related activities. A questionnaire explored students’ engagement of the services of the University of Leicester Career Development Service and a mixed method design was used to answer questions from empirical and service-development perspectives. Recommendations were made for developing practice, and further research.
Part D: Critical Appraisal
‘Careering Off’ on the Road to Independent Young Adulthoods: Can Positive Educational Psychology Help? – Reflective Critique
The researcher’s experience, critical reflections and learning development were discussed in detail from the perspectives of a practitioner, researcher and person. Reflections on the outcomes of the two studies were also discussed, as well as the impact of the thesis on the author, in terms of grounding conceptualisations of his own life-span development in career, learning and aspirations.



Catherine Steele; John Maltby

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Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour

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University of Leicester

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