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Nicholas Smith


  • Same time, across time: simultaneity clauses from Late Modern to Present-Day English
  • Conversationalization and democratization in a radio chat show: a grammar-led investigation
  • Variation and change in a specialized register
  • From broadcast archive to language corpus: Designing and investigating a sociohistorical corpus from Desert Island Discs
  • Categorizing syntactic constructions in a corpus*
  • Verb structures in twentieth-century British English
  • English style on the move: variation and change in stylistic norms in the twentieth century
  • Beyond aspect:will be -ingandshall be -ing
  • Change and constancy in linguistic change: How grammatical usage in written English evolved in the period 1931-1991
  • Corpus Tools and Methods, Today and Tomorrow: Incorporating Linguists' Manual Annotations
  • Change in Contemporary English
  • Corpus Linguistics with BNCweb
  • Desert Island Discs Corpus: Guest speaker classifications (1960s, 1980s, 2000s)
  • Writing the vernacular: transcribing and tagging the Newcastle Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English
  • Categorizing syntactic constructions in a corpus
  • Changes in the modals and semi-modals of strong obligation and epistemic necessity in recent british english
  • Verb structures in twentieth-century British English
  • Issues in Transcribing a Corpus of Children’s Hanwritten Projects
  • Short term diachronic shifts in part-of-speech frequencies: A comparison of the tagged LOB and F-LOB corpora

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