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Teela Sanders

Professor of Criminology

Professor Teela Sanders’ research sits on the borders of criminology and sociology, exploring the inter-relationship between gender, sexuality and socio-legal structures. I have expertise in relation to police, law enforcement and violence and have been appointed the academic lead for the National Police Chief Council Sex Work and Policing working group since 2018. I am currently working in a research leadership position as the Dean for Research and Enterprise for the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. I am specifically involved in supporting 11 research centres in the College, leading on the research strategy and preparations to support the REF. I am leading on supporting the development of one of the University of Leicester’s key priorities around arts, culture and heritage partnership work, policy engagement and humanising space.


  • Risking safety and rights: online sex work, crimes and ‘blended safety repertoires’
  • Global Effects of COVID-19, government restrictions and implications for sex workers: A focus on Africa
  • Policing vulnerability in sex work: the harm reduction compass model
  • Informal settlements, Covid-19 and sex workers in Kenya
  • Educating Universities: Understanding and Responding to Student Sex Workers
  • Non-consensual sharing of images: Commercial content creators, sexual content creation platforms and the lack of protection
  • Prevention of modern slavery within sex work: Study protocol of a mixed methods project looking at the role of adult services websites
  • The Eyes and Ears of Sexual Exploitation Online: Are Sex Buyers Part of the Prevention Puzzle to Reduce Harms in the Online Sex Industry?

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