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  • School Visits Post-lockdown: The Role of Digital - A Survey Report
  • Lifelong learning organisers: Requirements for tools for supporting episodic and semantic learning
  • Meeting the Challenges in Evaluating Mobile Learning: A 3-Level Evaluation Framework
  • Researching mobile learning - By Giasemi Vavoula et al
  • A Review of: “Researching Mobile Learning: Frameworks, Tools and Research Designs. Vavoula, Giasemi, Norbert, Pachler, and Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes, eds.”
  • Mobile family learning in the science museum
  • Digital Storytelling as a Framework for Inquiry-Based Museum Learning
  • School Visits Post-lockdown II: The Role of Digital. A Follow-on Survey Report
  • Myartspace: Design and evaluation of support for learning with multimedia phones between classrooms and museums
  • Digital exhibition design: boundary crossing, Intermediary Design Deliverables and processes of consent
  • Mobile learning: Small devices, big issues
  • Producing guidelines for learning, teaching and tutoring in a mobile environment
  • Designing mobile learning experiences
  • Studying the learning practice: Implications for the design of a lifelong learning support system
  • KLeOS: A personal, mobile, knowledge and learning organisation system
  • A Lifecycle approach to evaluating MyArtSpace
  • Future technology workshop: A collaborative method for the design of new learning technologies and activities
  • Innovation in Mobile Learning: A European Perspective
  • Educational metadata for mobile learning
  • Researching Mobile Learning
  • A Theory of Learning for theMobile Age
  • A Theory of Learning for the Mobile Age
  • Digital Cultural Heritage Design Practice: A Conceptual Framework
  • A Theory of Learning for the Mobile Age
  • The Genesis and Development of Mobile Learning in Europe
  • A Theory of Learning for the Mobile Age
  • Meeting the Challenges in Evaluating Mobile Learning
  • Leicester Castle tells its story beacon-based mobile interpretation for historic buildings
  • Towards a task model for mobile learning: a dialectical approach
  • Digital Stories with the Online Collection of the V&A for Inquiry-Based Learning
  • Digital platforms as Facilitators of Dialogic Co-Creation of Displaced Object Biographies / Digitale Plattformen als Vermittler von dialogischer Ko-Kreation verdrängter Objektbiografien

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